Tips for the first-time homebuyer

Buying a Home

Tips for the first-time homebuyer

By Ruckart Real Estate / October 12, 2021

We know the steps, requirements and expenses when becoming a first-time homebuyer can feel overwhelming.  At Ruckart Real Estate, we know becoming a first-time homebuyer only happens once. We’re here to make you feel comfortable and be in the best position to purchase the home of your dreams. Many people don’t realize there are special […]

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Are we in a housing bubble?

By Ruckart Real Estate / September 7, 2021

A housing bubble is generally determined if there is a rapid price appreciation that is detached from the normal reasons in price increases or decreases. Why are home prices increasing? Long-term trends (housing supply) and immediate factors (COVID) are the primary factors in home prices today. A Freddie Mac report found in 2018 that the […]

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Work from Home Office

Is Working from home driving real estate trends?

By Ruckart Real Estate / August 10, 2021

It’s no secret working from home has become the new normal for many of us. The past 18 months have taught us the importance of having a home that supports your life, family, and work.  Experts estimate that 25-30% of Americans will work from home multiple days per week by the end of 2021. This […]

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How to win at house hunting in Richmond

By Ruckart Real Estate / March 8, 2021

In today’s highly competitive real estate market in Richmond, house hunting can seem like a combat sport. With multiple offer scenarios now the norm and homes consistently selling for well above their asking prices, it’s easy to get caught up in the madness — which can quickly lead to costly house-hunting mistakes. You may have […]

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buyer's agent Richmond

Should you work with a buyer’s agent in Richmond?

By Ruckart Real Estate / January 26, 2021

When you’re looking to buy a home in the Richmond region, you might think that any old real estate agent can help you find and close on the right place. Some rookies might even just call the listing agent of a property that interests them and move forward from there. But that would be a […]

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common mortgage questions

Ask a Richmond Loan Officer: Answers to 5 common mortgage questions 

By Ruckart Real Estate / January 18, 2021

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer applying for a mortgage or you’re a real estate expert, the process of securing funds to purchase a home can seem daunting. That’s why having an experienced, knowledgable loan officer on your team is crucial. Bonus points if they’re local to Richmond. With that in mind, we chatted with Courtney […]

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Downsize your Richmond home

Are you ready to downsize your Richmond home? 

By Ruckart Real Estate / November 16, 2020

After months of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are rethinking what we want out of our homes. Some are choosing to take advantage of historically low interest rates and upgrade to a larger, more expensive home. Others are being inspired to move into a smaller, less expensive home. Those who are opting […]

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investing in real estate richmond va

Thinking about investing in real estate in Richmond? Here’s what you need to know

By Ruckart Real Estate / November 2, 2020

As a city on the rise, Richmond has seen a surge in real estate investing over the last few years. Renters and buyers alike are on the hunt for quality homes, and savvy investors are meeting that need — often at great financial gain. It may be a seller’s market, but with interest rates at […]

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multiple offer scenario

How we help buyers win in a multiple offer scenario

By Ruckart Real Estate / September 28, 2020

After months of searching, you’ve finally found the house of your dreams. The problem is, other people are dreaming of the same house — and they’re making offers to compete directly with yours. You’ve heard us say it’s a seller’s market, and multiple offer scenarios are more common than ever before. Ruckart Real Estate’s Lead […]

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