Home Inspections with Sidney Lucas of 360 Home Inspections

Ins and Outs of Homeownership

Bungalow home Richmond

Home Inspections with Sidney Lucas of 360 Home Inspections

By Ruckart Real Estate / May 16, 2023

Home inspections are a crucial part of the homebuying process – yes, even in a hot market like the one we’ve been in. The purpose of a home inspection is to provide a buyer with a detailed report of the property’s condition, including any defects or potential problems, giving you the information you need to […]

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Real Estate Assessments

By Ruckart Real Estate / March 7, 2023

How You Can Appeal a Real Estate Assessment You open up your mail. You see something ominous – a simple envelope from your local government tax assessor’s office. You open it, hoping for the best… only to find that the county/city has bumped your tax-assessed value by a HUGE amount! This is going to affect […]

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Tips for the first-time homebuyer

By Ruckart Real Estate / October 12, 2021

We know the steps, requirements and expenses when becoming a first-time homebuyer can feel overwhelming.  At Ruckart Real Estate, we know becoming a first-time homebuyer only happens once. We’re here to make you feel comfortable and be in the best position to purchase the home of your dreams. Many people don’t realize there are special […]

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Contractor in Richmond

Tips for Hiring a Contractor in Richmond

By Ruckart Real Estate / February 2, 2021

Whether you’re preparing to sell your Richmond home or purchasing a new one, there may be some projects that are just too big for you to take on yourself. In those cases, a professional contractor can help you get the job done properly — if you hire the right one, that is. A bad contractor can […]

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How much should you budget for home maintenance? 

By Ruckart Real Estate / July 31, 2020

We’re big believers in the investment opportunities of homeownership, but there’s a catch: If you don’t take proper care of your home, it may not reach its full potential when it comes time to sell. Wondering how much you should budget for home maintenance? Brad Ruckart puts it simply: “Take care of your house and […]

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